Around two thousand visitors joined the Magpie Centre team at our first Craft and Country Fair earlier this month.

We were blessed with a beautiful warm, sunny day and the local community turned out in their hundreds to support us.

Horsey attractions included a shire horse, pony rides with members of the Magpie pony team, carriage driving (who can forget the shetland ponies and Jack the donkey) and a wonderful riding demonstration from Susi Rogers-Hartley.

There were also falconry displays, classic vehicles, tractor rides, a dancing troupe, fairground attractions, a tug-of-war and of course the craft fair itself at an event which raised over £4,000.

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU, to everyone who came and visited us, to all of the arena participants, exhibitors, traders, staff and volunteers and to every single person, company and organisation that helped to create, manage and run the show.

We’re hopeful that the fair will become an annual event and plans are already afoot for 2018!

“Achievement through Equestrian Activities
- Grass Roots to Gold”

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