It’s time to meet the Magpie Centre’s wonderful team of horses and ponies.

To see a larger version of each photograph just click on the thumbnail. Horses and ponies marked with an ‘*’ are available to sponsor.

Bobby D

Bobby is a fourteen year old black and white cob. He is 15hh high.

Bobby has now finished his training and has been passed to be an RDA carriage driving horse.




Buddy is a gentle soul who was very kindly purchased for us by the Rotary Club of King’s Lynn.

Buddy is a 14.1hh Irish Cob and is eleven years old. He is used in riding lessons.

Buddy enjoying a sunny day outside



Lovely Coco is one of our littlies. Along with Pebbles she gives lessons to our smaller riders.

When she’s out in the paddock keep your eyes peeled for her purple polka dot rug, she’s hard to miss!




Gentle Joey is a black cob. He is eight-years old and stands at 15hh.

He’s one of kindest horses you could ever wish to meet with a very fine mop of hair!




Pebbles is an eight-year old, 12.2hh part-bred New Forest mare.

She is currently one of our smallest pony, but what Pebbles lacks in stature she certainly makes up for in character.

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Pony Rides with Pebbles and the other Magpie ponies



Poppy, or to use her full name Miss Popsicle Cloppington, is a gentle and sweet tempered bay mare.

She is a 12 year old Shire X which makes her quite a tall girl. Standing at 16.1hh Poppy gives riding lessons to our older children and adult riders.




A handsome chestnut, Rye is 14.1hh and sweet sixteen.

He’s a real little mover and looks very jaunty when he’s trotting. Rye’s riders all love him, as does everyone else.




Roger is the smallest pony on the yard at only 11.2hh and always has a cheeky glint in his eyes.

He is a liver chestnut Welsh pony, 13 years old and is a firm favourite with everyone!




Ruby is the biggest horse at the Magpie Centre, she is eight years old and stands at a whopping 17hh.

She is an Irish Cob and has a wall eye (where one eye is blue and the other is brown). Ruby is famed for her very big feet!

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Ruby watching the world go by



Samson is our movie star! A very handsome Irish Draft, he stands at 16.1hh and is eight years old.

Samson is completely in love with Ruby, and there’s nothing he likes more than sharing a haynet with her!

Samson waits in the yard for his next lesson



Teddy is a riding and a carriage driving horse and is pictured here with our shiny, new Fenix carriage.

He’s a very handsome 15.1hh bay and is nine years old.

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Teddy posing with the Fenix carriage



Tonto is a coloured cob who is seven years old and 14.3hh.

Like his friend Teddy he is a very clever boy and is both a riding and carriage driving horse. 



We are in need of horses & ponies to loan.

They can be of any size, need to be bomb-proof, happy to be led in school and of a gentle nature. If you think you might be able to help, please get in touch.

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