The Magpie Centre is in urgent need of new trustees.

West Norfolk Riding for the Disabled – The Magpie Centre is led by a team of volunteer trustees who decide how the centre is run and are responsible for making sure it does what it was set up to do.

Trustee roles include: Treasurer, Secretary, Grant Officer, Fundraising Officer and Events Officer. These roles would suit perhaps newly-retired people, or any who have some time on their hands and who wish to keep their skills up to date. Knowledge of horses or people with disabilities is not essential.

To find out more, just call the Magpie Centre on 01553 810202 or, for an informal chat, call WNRDA Chairwoman, Rosie O’Grady, on 01366 500104.

Case Study – Why I Joined the Magpie Team

“When I moved to Norfolk, on my own, with my four horses, in 2004 I knew nobody. I went to a dressage competition at the Magpie Centre, as a spectator, spoke to the then Centre Manager, trained as a Group Instructor, and have been involved with the Magpie Centre in various capacities ever since.

Apart from using my existing skills, plus a lot I never knew I had, I am privileged to be part of a fantastic team, and have made some lifelong friends. However much I have given to the Magpie Centre over the years, it has given even more to me. Go on. Make that call!”

Caroline Dudley, Voluntary Publicity Officer

“Achievement through Equestrian Activities
- Grass Roots to Gold”

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