The Magpie Centre is closed and we are unsure when our horses and ponies can start to assist our riders again. But we still need to keep them cared for, fit and ready to resume the life changing therapy that they give to our participants when the time comes. If you can, please donate via Facebook or direct to our PayPal account or contact us and help to keep us running through this difficult time. Thank you!


The Magpie Centre, RDA West Norfolk, our horses and ponies provide therapy, achievement and enjoyment to people with disabilities.

We offer activities such as riding and carriage driving to all age groups and, wherever possible, to people with any disability.

We have been carrying out our life-changing activities at our Wallington Hall location for over 30 years, and take great pride in the exceptional standard of our instructors and volunteers.

We rely on voluntary help, as well as donations and legacies to deliver our services.


“Achievement through Equestrian Activities
- Grass Roots to Gold”

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