Please accept our apologies for not providing an update sooner as to what is happening at the Magpie Centre and our thanks for bearing with us!

As you will appreciate these are quite unprecedented times and the Magpie team have been working hard behind the scenes to try to make sure that the future of the Magpie centre is assured and that all possible available help is secured.

For a number of reasons the help available to the Magpie Centre from the government is limited at the time of writing as we do not qualify for the majority of the schemes recently announced by the chancellor.

For the moment we have needed to take the decision to furlough the majority of our staff and rely on the support of a small number of volunteers to take care of the horses and help to maintain the stables and fields. Please rest assured that our horses are receiving the best possible care and may well be enjoying their extended and unexpected holiday!

Without all of our volunteers the Magpie Centre would simply not be able to function and provide the riding lessons, carriage driving as well as organising events, fundraising and so many things that contribute to making it all possible, our sincere thanks for everything that you do for us.

Whilst  there is a great deal of uncertainty about what the future holds, we believe that we have a strategy in place that means that we will be ready to open the Magpie Centre when circumstances allow. As well as continuing with riding and carriage driving we will be continuing to develop our new activities including tea with a pony and equine assisted therapy.

In the meantime we will need to ‘manage the gap‘ and we will need to raise funds to feed and care for our horses as well as to pay for the day to day running costs that we will continue to incur despite the lock down.  We are currently working with a number of existing funding providers and we will be looking to develop and engage in new fundraising activities very soon as it is important that we raise more funds to cover our immediate needs.

Thank you for supporting us, we will need  to be ‘ready to go’ when we reopen and we are very much looking forwarding to working with you again in the future, but like everyone else at the moment we are not exactly sure when that might be!

In the meantime, please keep as well as you can, stay safe and please keep a look out for further updates!

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