Each year Trevor Sturrock tries to cycle a ‘few’ miles for a charity and this year his chosen charity is the Magpie Centre. You can follow his adventures here as he cycles a whopping 1200 miles!

3rd May 2016

We had to miss a day due to snow and also do a couple of rides backwards, but managed to get to Cape Wrath which was the target and managed to cycle 390 miles in total.

I hope this will inspire many sponsors and Trevor will continue through the year to reach his 1200 mile target.

27th April 2016

image1We set off on Monday from Mingarry and once again Trevor was cycling into strong headwinds all the way to Mallaig to catch the ferry to Skye.

We were on standby for the ferry as it was fully booked and the following one had been cancelled due to the strong winds and snowstorms. We managed to get on and had a long, slow and cold crossing, but what a pleasure to ‘go over the sea to Skye’. Once there the weather had defeated us and we drove to the bridge the other end and Trevor cycled over.

Snow in ScotlandWe thought it was bad Monday, Tuesday was worse, it all started well with sunny skies and a fair amount of wind until we got to the bottom of Bealach na ba, an infamous climb raising slowly to 2058 ft from sea level.

The wind was howling and blowing the snow off the tops into our faces and threatening to blow us off our bikes. I gave up at 6k and cautiously came down on the breaks and left Trevor to it. Once I’d got back to the car I quickly raced to the hairpin bends and 20% gradients to find Trevor at the top with horizontal snow and hail and the wind gusting at 40-50mph with only a snowplough for company! He was advised not to cycle down so we put the bike on the car and drove to our hotel for a welcome shower and hot meal.

Looking forward to a calmer day tomorrow!

24th April 2016

Trevor in ScotlandWe arrived in Dunoon on Friday evening for an overnight stop. The weather was wonderful with plenty of sunshine.

After a good night’s sleep we set off for the Mull of Kintyre, arrived at 1pm and Trevor set off in glorious sunshine to complete the first leg.

Poor Trevor was cycling into 20 mile per hour headwinds all the way and after finishing he said it was the hardest 52 miles he’s ever cycled!

Day 2 and Trevor left Tarbert at 9am to cycle to Kilmartin, he encountered the famous 4 seasons in one day with rain, sun wind and a scattering of snow!

Trevor in ScotlandWe were meant to get the Corran ferry to Nether Locharber but it was cancelled due to an electrical fault, so we had an extra 55 miles around the loch and Trevor was unable to cycle the last 25 miles due to list time.

We are safely in Kilgarry tonight and going to Skye tomorrow, weather permitting.

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- Grass Roots to Gold”

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